Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love luv lav

Love Love Love

King Saul fell on his sword
when it all went wrong
and Joseph’s brother sold him down the river
for a song
and Sonny Liston rubbed some tigerbalm
into his glove
some things you do for money
and some you do for love love love

Raskalnikov felt sick
but he couldn’t say why
when he saw his face reflected
in his victim’s twinkling eye
some things you do for money
and some you’ll do for fun
but the things you do for love
are gonna come back to you one by one

love love is gonna lead you by the hand
into a white and soundless place
now we see things
as in a mirror dimly
then we shall see each other
face to face

and way out in Seattle
young Kurt Cobain
snuck out to the greenhouse
put a bullet in his brain
snakes in the grass beneath our feet
rain in the clouds above
some moments last forever
and some flare out with love love love

~Mountain Goats

Album: Sunset Tree

John Darnielle

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clearifying the gesture

Okay, I guess its time to clear up a little misconception. It seems that a few readers are confused as to why I'm doing this. I'm not having trouble moving on, I'm not holding onto something that is lost. I'm certainly not depressed. I don't need self help books on how to move on, and definitely do not need Prozac. I'm not even holding on to the hope that we will get back together. The one thing I hope to accomplish with this Grand Gesture, is to let the person know that I Love Her. Its like a project to me. Something that I thought of, feel would be a beautiful thing, and want to do. I want to share my love with the world. I want to get the word out and spread love and encouragement to anyone, and everyone who feels this way, has felt this way, or has given up on chivalry and love. All is not lost, Love is alive and well. It lives in all of us.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Silencing the pain of lost love.

I've felt much better about the whole break up the last couple days. Fresh after it happened I was relieved knowing that I could move on. I battled back and forth with whether it was right or not. I desperately wanted to be with her, but told myself it was the best for both of us. I wouldn't be causing anymore stress in her life and my life would be much simpler. Peace would be restored. Many times I wanted to call her and get her back. When I realized that I really could be losing her forever that I decided I needed to let her know I love her. In hope that is would bring her back.

Its nice to have a constructive way to focus my energy. Instead of focusing on the longing and losing of a love. I can focus on my plan to tell her I love her,in a way that will not be forgotten whether she responds positively or not. I'll know that I did made one last grand gesture to fight for love.

Well, there isn't a whole lot I can do today as far as setting this plan to action. The post office said it would be Friday or Monday before they would receive their shipment of postcards with the new rates. All I can really do is try to promote this blog to "tell the world" about my love and my plans for The Grand Gesture. I hope to get as much attention to this as possible, not just the people that find the balloons. So if you are reading this and you like the idea, believe in love or just feel like helping out. Link to this blog. At least leave me a comment, or wish me luck so I know that you stopped by.

If you know of anyway to get the traffic to this blog it would help the cause. Part of making this gesture grand, is letting as many people know about it as possible. I've made a myspace profile as well. It's myspace.com/grandgestureoflove. If you have an account, (like everyone else) please add me as a friend. I don't have the time to add everyone, and don't want to use some automatic friend generator. I have a bunch of ideas in my head about things to do, just need to implement them. Its raining right now so I can't do much outside.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Planning & Researching The Grand Gesture Of Love.

I've been thinking about doing this Grand Gesture for a few days now. I came up with the idea as a way to say "I love you" that would really show the whole of my feelings. It all sounded so good in my head. Easy enough, get some balloons and tie notes to them. Well, I started doing some research on pricing and thinking about how I could actually carry this plan to fruition.


There is a lot more to it then just letting these notes go. In order for her to know what lengths I am going to, she must receive these love letters. "I'll just put stamps on them in hopes that whoever finds them will mail them to her." Well, the cost of postage just went up. I went to USPS.com and found that I can buy pre-paid post cards for .26 cents a piece, good much better then .41 cents per stamp. After a trip to the closest Post Office, I discovered that they have not received their first shipment since the price hike.


I knew that I had seen small tanks of helium in a retail store that I won't mention. (Let them due there own evil corporation advertising.) I went to their website and found it to say: these are not available in stores, only online. At $50 bucks per tank, not including balloons I was struck with the next dilemma. Can I afford to do this. One tank is said to fill 50 balloons, and my "original" plan was to send up "99 luft balloons." Thanks to Nena. Well, I may have to scale that back on the first run. (I plan to do it more then once. When money allows for more.) Good news, the Grocery next to my apt sells inflated balloons for .99 cents or $9.99 per dozen. Taking care of the ribbon and everything.

As, I read on another blog. It doesn't necessarily take some huge display to say "I love you". Though, in true movie fashion it should take time, money, or at least some sort of sacrifice to really mean something. That's what makes it Grand. Cleaning the dishes, or picking up your clothes is a gesture in itself, but it would most likely go unnoticed.

So to do a little Mastercard style spoof:

50 postcards = $13
50 Balloons = $42
Saying = "I love you" in a way she'll never forget.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Idea That Started It All.

I recently broke up with someone, think about her daily and can't quite get over her. Contacting her directly doesn't work out, I get too emotional and can't quite say "I LOVE YOU" in a way that is profound enough. I decided that I needed some grand gesture to show her that I really do truly love her. I decided I would "shout it to the world" as they say.

Idea: I'm going to buy a small helium tank, a bunch of balloons and either postcards or small envelopes. I will write a small love letter on each card and address it to her complete with postage stamp. On each card I will put a place for recipient to write in date and location where it was found. I will then attach them to ribbon and a helium balloon. I will let them all go at the same time. My hope is that wherever the balloons land someone will find them and put the pre-stamped card into the mailbox to be sent to her. If it doesn't convince her to come back to me, she will at least have proof of my love.

I decided I should document the whole process, and post it here and anywhere possible to show the world what love is.